Eating and Drinking Etiquette In High-end Restaurants and Bars

Ever wanted to go to that high-end restaurant where you have to make reservations months in advance and you never could? Until you got lucky and either got invited by somebody else or you finally landed that reservation and can now hope to enjoy the service and menu that they provide in their establishment.

However, if you wanted to become part of the usual’s that sit there almost every day, then you would have to have some different habits than you usually have in your chain restaurants. The fact of the matter is that chain restaurants have automatic responses for dealing with certain situations, and their philosophy of running the said restaurants are always the same. The high-end restaurants and bars will have their unique service and will deal with any issues in their own way. So, how can you fit in right the first day, well that’s easy, we will explain some eating and drinking etiquette, so you don’t come off as a snob or as a simpleton.

– Dress for the occasion

restaurant or barThe first impression you leave is when you enter the establishment. If you have booked a dinner or a late evening drink you can’t come with shorts and a t-shirt to a high-end restaurant or bar. Dress for the occasion and don’t overdress as people easily go from one end to the other, which is as bad as doing nothing. If you are wondering what kind of attire is considered ok in the restaurant, you can do some research online as there will probably be enough reviews from other visitors. This brings us to the next part

– Be polite

While you could get away with a certain behavior in small restaurants or in chain bars, here it’s not expected of you to be a show off when it comes to being rude. If you consider something to be below your desired level, ask for the waiter and explain in a lower tone exactly what your issue is. Making a big spectacle in a high-end restaurant will not only bring in judgmental stares from the rest of the guests, but it will usually lead to you being asked to leave the establishment.

– Don’t be afraid to ask

High-end restaurants don’t have issues when their guests are interested in knowing what they are eating and how it is prepared. Every waiter should be educated enough about the ins and outs of the restaurant so that he can answer any and all your questions. So, don’t be scared to ask as you won’t come off as a snob just because you want to get all the information about a particular dish before you order it.

– Have a favorite wine before you visit

As they are thousands of wines on the market today, it’s tough to have them all stocked inside all the restaurants all over the country. However, a good waiter will know what comes close to your taste if you can give him the name of several wines you enjoy drinking. Learn what kind of wines you prefer before you order a bottle, as you can only return opened bottles that have a bad smell of mildew.