Supply Chain Issue for Beverage Products

In the globalized world that we live today, the industries of production, selling and supply of products for beverages has increasingly become efficient and fast. Beverage producers, seller and suppliers have formed a web of internet market aimed at making the best use of available resources, time and labour.

The processes involved in beverage products, however, consists of several supply issues as discussed in this article.

Hygiene Issues

Beverages are products manufactured and used locally and internationally. Most commonly, beverages pass through a series of hands before they reach a customer. In this process, it becomes tough to ensure the drink remains its standard and good hygiene, just like how it was produced.

For suppliers, adhering to food safety and the set hygiene regulations and as well as comply with the HACCP regulations, is very much essential. Notably, food poisoning outbreak which comes aby with poor food hygiene and irresponsible production process has been cited for causing illness and death.


Beverage production processes are much hard to monitor. This means manufacturing manager experience a big problem in ensuring safety adheres at all times. A typical example is to monitor known allergens do not get or comes into contact with food products such as peanuts. Mistakes of failure to follow safety can cause fatality to customers and the image brand.

Brand Damage

Damages of the brand are known to cause serious drawback on the manufacturer reputation. Any problem associated with brand damage always comes back as a negative review to the manufacturer. This also includes cases where the supplier damaged the product through cross-board process, or the products were delayed during transportation.

Product damage resulting from a supplier can cause a company reputation, and to some extent, a company can be heard criminally liable over issues it wasn’t involved.

food beverage

Food Fraud

Since beverage products are carried in almost every corner of the world, production managers find it challenging to give an account on how to realize is their produce. Texas Specialty Beverage products and supplies, for example, risk their reputation by selling high-quality products to suppliers and retailers. In doing so, they accompany their products with detailed description to warn customers on how to identify a product that has been tampered with and one not tampered.


The solution into ending supply chain issues in beverage products is to ensure both the supplier and retailer adhere to HACCP regulation. It is also essential to safeguard the reputation of your manufacturer since in the long run when the producer falls in business, the supplier goes down as well.