Why Local Restaurants Are Better Than Chain Restaurants

If you live in a big city, you are familiar with the term eating on the go. Fortunately for people that are in a rush, there is an abundance of establishments that offer food that one can just walk in pick up and be out in less than 5 minutes. While this is precisely what some people are looking for, we can slowly see that local restaurants are slowly losing their place in the food service industry due to being out competition by the chains. That can be for a variety of factors, but the two most common reasons are that the chain restaurants are cheaper and that they prepare food faster.

However, just because chain restaurants have those two things going for them, does not mean they are a better choice for you!

More likely than not, the chain restaurants are a worse choice!

Here are a couple of reasons why local restaurants are a better choice for you and your family over the chain restaurants.

– The quality of the food

The quality of the foodFood quality in local restaurants is miles above the chains. Usually, you can pick up something tasty in the chain ones, but they have a limited offer, as their menu items are the same wherever you go, and so they don’t order the best of the best when it comes to meat products. Additionally, most of the local restaurants don’t freeze their food for many months as they order from the local market. For this reason, they have a better menu, and better over quality. Remember a burger can never be better than the T-bone steak prepared with love and experience.

– The service

Another thing that you can spot in the local restaurants is the way service is being handled. When it comes to customer complaints every response is genuine, and they do tend to take care of any issues with the best ability they can, but when we talk about chain restaurant responses, all of them are scripted as every employee is required to answer the same, and they never go the extra mile to make you feel welcomed. Due to that tightly knitted group mentality, you have in the local environment you also think that their ambiance is more pleasant. Whenever you go out to eat in a local restaurant you will want to come again, and you will probably well like a part of a big family, while in the chains it’s all about not being hungry in the next 20 minutes and the dining experience is completely forgettable.

– You are not in a hurry

 You are not in a hurryEating has become this task that must be performed in order for us to continue doing other things. The sad part is if you place your meal time on this track your body will soon show increasing signs of wear and tear and will not be healthy or feel healthy. Meal times should be a calm period where you can relax and turn off your brain from the busy world and focus on other things, like talking or reading the newspaper.

The local restaurants just have that vibe where everyone who came to eat is not in a rush, while in the chain restaurants you can feel like you have to eat fast so that others can sit where you are sitting, thereby becoming anxious while you eat. Which is highly undesirable during meal time.