5 Reasons Why Italian Is Your Favorite Kind of Food

The excellent traditional cuisine of sunny Italy astounds everyone with its diversity. Pizzas and pasta have for an extended period gained recognition since these delicacies are simple to prepare. Italian cuisine is very diverse that you can find distinct culinary characteristics.

With Italian foods, being overweight isn’t a matter of concern, since nutritionists all over the world praise Italian food. Besides, a glass of wine accompanies every meal. Below are some of the reasons why there’s arguably no food as excellent as Italian food.

  1. Use of Olive oil

Olive oil which is a renowned antioxidant is used to prepare various Italian dishes and gives traditional taste to food. Olive oil is the source of monounsaturated fat, we all know that these kinds of fat don’t trigger any heart diseases.

  1. Unique taste and flavor

Italian food is prepared using different ingredients which make the food tasty. Some of the common elements used in the serafina restaurant are for instance olives which are very healthy.

Sun-dried tomatoes are ordinary in numerous Italian dishes as well; they are typically marinated in garlic, herbs, and spices used for making pizzas and salads. Due to the unique ingredients, Italian foods have a unique flavor and taste even better the following day. The reason is that flavors collect together as the food sits overnight.

  1. Easy to prepare

Italian foods are simple to make, in Italian cooking, you have all you need, from olive oil, onions, basil, and garlic. Italian foods present with multiple variations; you can begin with any pasta dish. Whichever way you have it, Pasta is a straightforward dish you can ever count on to please.

Spaghetti is a simple dish, and you can always count on it to please. Various forms of pasta can be used for spaghetti, but the basic premise of the recipe does not change. A long fine noodle smeared within a tomato sauce. With the inclusion of tomatoes and or any other excellent vegetables to a sauce, you can transform the taste of it dramatically.

There are no tricks to making great spaghetti; you can add anything the result is extraordinary. The secret is about adding more ingredients, and you have something unique and tasty on the table.

  1. Use of Garlic

Italians prefer to prepare their dishes with garlic, and the versatility that is connected with it makes it the signature of any meal.

Garlic not only adds a unique flavor to food, boosts the immune system but keeps away colds and flu. It promotes blood circulation and aids in digestion, reason why no Italian dish is complete without the use of garlic.

  1. Romano cheese

In case you ask various people about the type of cheese used in Italian dishes, they will say Parmesan. However, that is far from correct; Romano cheese comprises of a stronger pungent flavor as compared to parmesan. Romano cheese is sprayed on salads, bread, and pasta for an exciting, unique Italian flavor.