3 Mediterranean Foods You Must Try

Mediterranean foods are known around the world. They bring a tasty and beautiful experience to each person’s table. With the fresh veggies and the various meats, they bring a healthy and beneficial cuisine to the world of cooking. If you have yet to try Mediterranean foods then try the top three that we have listed below to have an experience that is worth having. Your pallet will thank you after you are done with the meal. Here are the top three easy to make Mediterranean dishes that are popular today.

Meat Pistachio

Meat Pistachio is exceptional when perfected in the kitchen. You will feel as if you are in the Mediterranean while you indulge with this dish. Numerous recipes can be made; however, there are some fantastic Mediterranean restaurants that have introduced this dish on their menus that are incredible. Try one next time you are there, you will not be disappointed.

The dish is made with a variety of meats and topped or cooked with pistachio to add a texture that is a perfect addition to the cuisine. You can make the dish at home and give your family a delicious new entrée that might make you want to travel to Greece, or you can experience this style of dish at a restaurant to open your mind to new ideas of Mediterranean foods. You will fall in love with the first bite.

Feta Shrimp Skillet

The Feta Shrimp Skillet is extremely popular in Greece. It is made all the time for the locals, so why not try the dish at your home. You will have an experience that you will not forget. This dish is made on a skillet. It includes ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, white wine, shrimp, feta cheese, oregano, and parsley.


There are a few different variations that you can add or take away to make this dish, but as a whole, it will be a tasty memory. Sprinkle a little crushed red pepper to give it a bite to the cuisine. Try out a few different recipes to find the best one you like, and then invite you friends and family over to experience Greece in your own home.

Baked Red Lentil Falafel Salad

This dish is perfect for a side entrée or even as a main course. It is a healthy dish that has many benefits. Using greens in your meals always makes dinners more delectable and this dish will be the perfect add on to any main course that you are looking to achieve. It is simple to make, with just a few ingredients of lettuce, red lentils, tomatoes, parsley, olive oil, sesame paste, and chickpeas. There are additional recipes that you can use to enhance the dish; however, it tastes great no matter how it is made. Try this dish for a healthy alternative to your normal salad and see that you will continue to use it over and over again.

In conclusion, Mediterranean foods can be a new concept to some, but once you try them, you will not be disappointed. They bring a variety of styles and ingredients to each person’s dinner table that can take you away to another world. Your friends and family will be waiting impatiently when you tell them what you are making. Experience it one time and you will want to create more and more Mediterranean dishes in the future.