10 Traditional Serbian Dishes You Need to Try

Yes, tastes differ. But still, many individuals agree that the repository of tastes and smells of traditional Serbian dishes is very difficult to resist. Serbian dishes are among the most delicious worldwide. All the stunning Karađorđeva steak, the excellent sarma, the crunchy ćevapčići, the delicious komplet lepinja – get a pen because you will need to write down these Serbian recipes.

  1. Cvarci

They are pork crisps produced from fat that is extracted thermally from butter. It is popular during winter, crispy and salty, and it is definitely a meal that you will love at your first bite.

  1. Pljeskavica

It is also known as the Serbian hamburger. It is grilled meat with spices that is served with flatbread types like lepinja or somun. Currently, pljeskavica is famous worldwide. So you can order it in any  Serbian restaurant in Miami. Sounds great?

  1. Kobasice

They are commonly known as Serbian sausages. There are many Serbian sausage variables. Some of them include svargla, kulen, krvavice, srem, and many others. Some of these can be eaten as cold appetizers while others are for frying.

  1. Mladi Sir

Also known as curd or cottage cheese. It is a type of cheese with a neutral taste and low-fat milk, and it goes well with most meat dishes. You can find this in most traditional Serbian food markets.

  1. Ajvar

This type of Serbian cuisine is perfect for groups and families because it includes almost every meal. It has a combination of eggplants, garlic, and red peppers. The Serbian people term this dish as a Serbian salad.

  1. Musaka

This Serbian dish contains meat, and it has several layers. It has layers of potatoes and mixed spices to make it exceptional. It is always excellent when seasoned with salad and a glass of sweet wine. Enjoy it!

  1. Sarma

They are commonly known as the Serbian cabbage rolls. It might be the sovereign dish of the Serbian cuisine! It includes minced meat that is spiced up and rolled in cabbage leaves that are sour. The origin of this exceptional dish is from way back during the Ottoman kingdom, and the popularity of this dish is still high even today.

  1. Karađorđeva šnicla

The dish has its origin from the Serbian prince Karadjordje and signifies an actual royal meal. Šnicla can be pork or beefsteak that is stuffed and rolled with kajmak then breaded and fried. You need to include this Serbian dish in your must try list while in Miami.

  1. Kajmak

This traditional Serbian dish is best made in private households and can always be found at the Serbian food markets. It is made from unhomogenized and unpasteurized milk like various other types of new and unripe cheese. It is excellent when served together with meat dishes, but you can also eat it with a flatbread or by itself.

  1. Ćevapi

It is one of the most typical Serbian dishes for the people of the Balkan tribe. There are various recipes for this meal, but the outcome is similar. It is a meal of grilled minced meat that can be served with a flatbread, and it is best with kajmak and chopped onions on the side.

When talking about traditional Serbian dishes, we think of it as a souvenir from our ancestors. Tourists fall in love with the cuisines at first bite. The cooking presents various textures and tastes, which makes it unique. We hope this guide on Serbian dishes is helpful. Enjoy your meal!